Why do parents send their kids to Jefferson Academy?  How are students learning at Jefferson Academy?  What excites teachers to work at Jefferson Academy?

Read the following statements from our community to hear how we are helping students succeed academically!


“I love Jefferson Academy because of the focus on American History. The teachers are also nice, helpful, friendly, funny and thoughtful. The principal makes sure that we experience only the best of the best. They also have a wonderful math curriculum that bumps us up a ton!”

– Amar


“When my mom told me we would be changing schools, I was reluctant and uneasy. But after the first day, I knew it was the right decision. The teachers are super nice and they challenge you. I like the way the principal runs the school. She makes sure that it has a friendly environment and atmosphere. Jefferson Academy is the best!”

– Tate


“Jefferson Academy is an academic school that excels at teaching without busy work. My favorite subject in school is math and in every grade the school has really helped me improve!”

– Mitch


“I love JA because it has helped me excel in every subject. The teachers create great learning environments that help us show where we shine and help us work on areas we struggle.”

– Rachel


“Jefferson Academy is a wonderful place to learn and create friendships. The staff working here, spend most of their time working with us, the students. They make attending school fun, while still helping us learn important skills that will help us in our future lives.”

– Katherine



“I love that Jefferson Academy focuses on values and principles.  The three pillars they strive for are: scholarship, citizenship, and moral excellence.  The students are recognized and rewarded when they exhibit these values.  Being recognized makes my kids wants to continue to live up to high standards.  The administration really tailors needs to individuals and is so willing to listen to parents.  You are not just a number at this school.  The curriculum is strong, and I know my kids are receiving a quality education.”

– Holly Tholl


“I am the parent of two Jefferson Academy students and I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!  I am impressed with so many things, but the thing that impresses me the most is the quality of teachers and staff at the school.  Our family has been going to the school since it opened in 2009.  In that time we have loved all our teachers!  My oldest daughter is now in a public Jr. High and comments often about how she misses her teachers that she had at Jefferson and their love for teaching.  That’s a BIG deal!   I am willing to travel and take my kids to Jefferson, even though I live next to an Elementary School and live a few blocks from a new charter school, because I feel like Jefferson is the BEST option for my kids education and I will make the sacrifices I can to keep them there.”

– Michelle Christensen


“Our children love being challenged and learning everyday.  My husband and I love knowing that their teachers and staff truly care about their education and emotional well-being.”

– Traci Wilcox


“I feel like I am more involved in my child’s education.  The teachers are so good at keeping me posted with what is going on and what they are learning in class.  I love the many opportunities parents have to volunteer.  We love their focus on American History and the constitution and feel that it is vital for their future.”

– E. Pearce


“It is not always easy getting my young child to share the learning part of school.  It is so pleasant to have a daily e-mail from the teacher on what is being taught and personal emails on how to improve the classroom involvement and learning.  Having the opportunity to be in the class and help and see how the day unfolds is such a wonderful experience.”

-A.E. Blackburn


“I really like the teachers, director, and curriculum.  My son has been challenged by the curriculum and has made so much progress.  I love the parent involvement and activities put on by the school.  I have been very pleased with everything about this school.”

– Katie Poland


“I like that the teachers seem accountable to doing their very best.  I love Saxon Math and love that they progress students along as they need.”

– Casey Nielson


“Jefferson’s math curriculum (Saxon) is the BEST math program around.  The teachers at Jefferson all are fantastic and they love teaching.  The staff, teachers, and director all work very well with each other and they listen and work well with parents too.”

– Kristi Bybee



“I have been both a music teacher and a kindergarten teacher at Jefferson Academy, as well as a parent of a Jefferson Academy student.  I love the patriotic feel and characteristics we strive to instill in our students so that they understand what it means to be good Citizens, with Moral Excellence, who strive to be Scholars of learning.  I love the Core Knowledge sequence and how the things taught in each grade builds upon the former.  I love the positive and supportive working environment and the camaraderie that exists between the teachers and administration.  As a parent of a student with a reading disability, I love the special ed department and the way all of his teachers try hard to meet his needs and give him support at his level that keeps him progressing at a pace that’s appropriate and helps him feel successful.  I feel so grateful to be a part of Jefferson Academy!”

– Angela Olson


“I have chosen to teach at Jefferson Academy for the last three years because of the positive atmosphere, supportive teachers and administration, rigorous curriculum, small classroom sizes, and the high standards to which students are held.  We work as a team to help students learn and be successful students and people.”

– Ali Sorensen


“Making the switch to Jefferson Academy when my son was a second grader was the best decision my husband and I ever made. He was at a district school facing a second grade class of 34 students, and I knew there was no way he would get the attention he deserves. He now is in sixth grade and has excelled in every way. He is challenged in small classes and has very attentive, creative, and passionate teachers. My daughter also attends and loves it, and I love it so much that two years ago I made the switch from teaching at a district school to teaching second grade at Jefferson Academy. Our family is all in!”

– Vicky Morton


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